Stabilized Wood


Stabilized wood is raw wood that has been treated to resist outdoor elements.  This is a commercial process, done to raw wood before turning.  The wood is immersed in a resin and a vacuum is drawn so that the pores of the wood are filled with the resin.  The resin is then cured under very high heat.  This results in material that is resistant to temperature changes, humidity extremes, salt water and UV rays.

Calls made from stabilized wood resist swelling, shrinking and cracking due to moisture.  This gives your stabilized wood call a big advantage compared to a call made from wood that is unprocessed.  Working calls are constantly subjected to extremes, using superior materials for your call results in increased durability and longevity of the call.

All of our wood is treated at a highly renowned commercial stabilization company.  Although we will turn supplied stabilized wood please be aware that all stabilized wood is not created equal.  The equipment and processes used to achieve a high level of stabilization can not be obtained in a garage setting.  We do prefer to use our own wood, but if you have that special piece that needs to be turned we will be happy to turn your call from it.  If you would like to know what stabilized woods we have in stock please ask.  We are happy to send pictures of specific blanks over e-mail.


Wait times vary for custom calls, but the average is 4-6 weeks from the time you place your order.  We do our best to keep you updated on the progress of your call as it is being built.  Prices range from $100-$160 depending on the species of wood and is a function of the woods availability and cost in raw form.  Remember that the wood will look different after being turned, but seeing pictures of the blanks will give you an idea of the general coloring and figuring in a specific piece of wood. 




Thank you for your interest in our calls.  This page was created in response to the increasing number of requests about stabilized wood and our stock of blanks.