Watkins Duck Calls


Wood Calls - $70.00 - $80.00
African Blackwood - $100.00
Acrylic - $115.00
Pearl Acrylic - $125.00
Stabilized Wood - $110.00 and up


The W2 is a new call for 2010.  It is an easy blowing double reed call with plenty of "hold" that has great range.  This call is a total redesign of the original Watkins line up.  The compact size of this call makes it a comfortable fit on the laynard and the addition of an o-ring makes lost stoppers a thing of the past.  This is a great call for hunters that are looking for an easy running double that can get whisper quiet on the low end and still catch that next step up to reach out and grab the attention of passing ducks.

As with the rest of our calls, all W2's are hand turned and tuned one at a time.  They are available in a variety of acrylics, woods and stabilized woods. 


Sound Files

Acrylic W2


Maple & Cocobolo


Blue & Teal Acrylic

Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl & Orange Acrylic

Stabilized Orange/Blue Box Elder Burl & Orange Acrylic

Stabilized Spalted Maple

Stabilized Blue Box Elder Burl

Stabilized Green Box Elder Burl